Temples Tour by Tuk Tuk


Temples Tour by Tuk Tuk
USD 35 for 1 to 3 PAX

A pilgrimage to the main and famous Buddhist temples in the city of Kandy. Respite from the warm climate in Colombo, Kandy is a famous destination for its location and relaxing atmosphere. Kandy itself is considered valuable for the faithful beliefs of many Buddhist with in the country. Throughout most of the history, Sri Lankan kings have played a major role in the maintenance and upswing of the Buddhist temples of the island, which can be seen mainly in the city of Kandy.
Kandy is considered as one of the main religious sites for Buddhists as the city owns the temple of the Scared Tooth Relic of Lord Buddha (known as “Dalada Maligawa”). The temple itself alongs with many religious temples makes the city a must visit destination in Sri Lanka. The city of Kandy was announced as a world heritage site by UNESCO in year 1988 for its significant. And that’s why we personalized a temple tour apart from the city tour for your interest.
Moreover, do visit during the “thewawa” time specially at the temple of the scared tooth relic to witness the grand ritual of offerings to the sacred relic which includes a memorizing drum play mixed with classic Sri Lankan culture.

Highlights of our tuk tuk tour

  • Tooth Relic Temple
  • Gadaladeniya Temple
  • Lankathilaka Temple
  • Nelligala Buddhist Temple
  • Bahirawakanda Vihara Buddha Statue

A journey to the most important and well-known Buddhist temples in Kandy. Kandy is a well-known destination for those seeking relief from Colombo’s humid climate because of its setting and tranquil ambiance. The city of Kandy itself is prized for supporting the nation’s numerous Buddhists’ steadfast religious practices. Sri Lankan rulers have contributed significantly to the preservation and expansion of the island’s Buddhist temples throughout most of history; these may be found mostly in the city of Kandy. 

Your tuk-tuk will pick you up from your accommodation and drive you to the Temple of the Tooth Relic (Sri Dalada Maligawa) as the first stop on the trip. It is a highly important and sacred location for all Buddhists worldwide. It is the spot where the left canine tooth of the Buddha is revered. In 1988, UNESCO designated it as a world-historic site.

Then we will head to the Bahirawakanda Temple, also known as Sri Maha Bodhi Viharaya, which is distinguished by its gigantic Buddha statue. Bahirawakanda Hill is where it is situated. The statue is seen all around Kandy City.

The next stop is the Lankatilaka Raja Maha Vihara, often referred to as the Blue Temple or the Lankatilaka Temple, which is situated in Hiyarapitiya in the Udunuwara district of Kandy, the capital and largest city on hills in Sri Lanka. It was built as a four-story structure with an 80-foot height that sits on an uneven rock bed and looks out onto the Hantane mountain range. According to its history, Lankatilaka Vihara was built in 1344 under the patronage of King Buwanekabahu IV during the Gampola era.

After that, we’ll travel to Diggala in the Kandy province of Sri Lanka to visit the Gadaladeniya Temple, an ancient monastery constructed over a rock. King Buwanekabaghu the fourth, according to an inscription etched into the walls constructed the temple in 1344 AD. The South Indian architect Ganesvarachchari created the temple in a style resembling South Indian architecture.

In Muruthalawa village, in the Kandy district, there is a temple called Nelligala, which is our final destination, and it is also an international Buddhist center. Construction on this contemporary temple got under way in 2015. The location gives a magnificent view of the surroundings, perched on top of a mountain. Alagalla Mountain, Batalegala, and the Hanathana Mountain Range are a few of the sights that can be seen from the summit of the hill. You may be fortunate enough to glimpse Adam’s peak, the Sripada mountain, on a clear day. When this breathtaking perspective and its natural beauty are united, Nelligala attracts tourists and travelers from all over the world.

Afterward, we will head back to the hotel. Bringing an end to the tuk tuk tour.