Sri Lanka Multiday Tours with Lanka Safe Tours

Are you looking on Sri Lanka Multiday Tours?  Then you are no need to worry. Lanka Safe Tours is waiting for fulfill your dream holiday. As a leading and reputed tour agency, we offer 20+ Sri Lanka Multiday Tour Packages for you.

Your travel preference can be a different one. Sometime you are looking for beach tour package or sightseeing package. Sometimes you are looking for honeymoon tour packages to Sri Lanka. Whether you are travel with your partner or family, Lanka Safe Tours can help you in all of these choices. We offer Multiday day tour packages and one day packages along with Tuk Tuk tour packages.

A brief Introduction about our Multiday Tour Packages

Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean. The island is rich in beautiful beaches, lush green forests, hills, wild animals and many cultural sites. All of these things cannot see within a single day. If you are a person who is looking for Sri Lanka sightseeing packages, then you can select one of our 7-14 day sightseeing package according to your preferences.

Sri Lanka is also a wonderful place for a romantic holiday. You can make a memorable holiday with your partner. Lanka Safe Tour offer 6 days and 12 days packages for someone who is looking for Sri Lanka Honeymoon tours.

Over the 2500+ written history, Sri Lanka is rich in cultural heritage. You can plan 5 day or 12 day cultural tour with us to explore historical and cultural sites in Sri Lanka. If you love to see leopards, elephants or wild animals, then our wildlife tour package will be handy for you. Lanka Safe Tours offer few amazing packages for beach lovers. Our beach tour packages include all your beach expectations including many water activities.

So, it’s your time to choose you best Sri Lanka Tour Package 2022. We have listed all our packages below. The itinerary can be found with each package.


Sri Lanka Honeymoon Tour Itinerary 12 Days

7 Days Honeymoon Tour

12 Days Honeymoon Tour


09 Days Cultural Sightseeing Tour

10 Days Sightseeing Tour

13 Days Sightseeing Tour

8 Days Sightseeing Tour

9 Days Cultural & South Sightseeing Tour

10 Days Srilanka Tour

12 Days Sightseeing Tour

7 Days Srilanka Tour

14 Days Sightseeing Tour


8 days Beach Tour

10 Days Beach Tour


3 Days Budget Tour

3 Days South Tour

4 Days Budget Tour

4 days City Budget Tour

5 Days Budget Tour

5 Days South & City Tour

6 Days Budget Tour


5 Days Cultural Tour

12 Days Cultural Tour


15 Days Wild Life Tour